My Top 10 Favorite Series!

Hi, everyone! Today I’m here with you for the first in a new series of posts I am going to have coming soon, all about my favorites. Today’s edition happens to be about my favorite book series, but some other ones I have planning are my favorite book boyfriends, standalones, contemporaries, TV shows, and more. I’ve read many series over the years, but all of the ones on this list are ones that are completed, with the exception of one. So, without further ado, let’s get started!


There are a few reasons why this series is an honorable mention instead of included in my top 10, but if I had made this post before I read Empire of Storms in January, then this series would definitely be on my list. Unfortunately, Empire of Storms opened my eyes to a lot of problems I hadn’t even noticed I had had with the series, but looking back on it, I realize stem all the way from book 3, Heir of Fire. However, all that aside, I really did love the first 2 books, as well as the fourth one, and Chaol is my fav, which is why I still decided to include this series.

#10: THE INFERNAL DEVICES by Cassandra Clare

The Infernal Devices are a prequel series to the Mortal Instruments, and they take place in 1879, but you don’t necessarily need to have read TMI first. I actually finished Clockwork Princess, the final book in this series, a few days ago, and it has become one of my favorite books of all time. I haven’t finished Cassandra Clare’s other complete series, the Mortal Instruments yet, but I still enjoyed these books so much more. The writing is gorgeous, the world is beautiful, and the characters are so well developed and charismatic.

#9: THE HUNGER GAMES by Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games wasn’t just my first time stepping into dystopian, it was my first time stepping into YA. I read these books back in sixth grade, and I just remember loving them so much. There was a definite Hunger Games craze back when I was in middle school, because that was when the movies were being released, and I loved everything about the world. To this day, the books are still some of my favorites (although I don’t like Mockingjay very much), because of the intricate worldbuilding, the characters, and how frighteningly realistic it can seem at times.

#8: RED QUEEN by Victoria Aveyard

This series is one that I constantly need to justify liking, because I know that a lot of people dislike it. I am aware that it is not the most original story, and there are some problems with it; however, I feel like people often forget that books don’t always have to be deep and complex and intellectual–reading is meant to be fun. And, boy, are these books fun. Red Queen was an amazing introduction into the series, and definitely the most lighthearted, Glass Sword had so much buildup, and then King’s Cage blew me out of the water. I just love this series so much, and I cannot wait for the final book to come out next year.

#7: PERCY JACKSON by Rick Riordan

To this day, I still remember how fun it was to binge read this series back in fourth grade, and it is still one of my favorite series. I love how fun and action packed these books were, and how they constantly made me laugh. Percy and Annabeth were one of the first couples I ever shipped, and I just get so much nostalgia from how much I obsessed over this series back in the day. I cannot wait to reread them this summer, and finally finish the Heroes of Olympus series!

#6: ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS by Stephanie Perkins

These are some of the most beloved contemporary novels in the book community, and they are for good reason. There are just so many great things about this series: the unique characters, the wanderlust it gives you (each book takes place in a different city), the humor, but most of all, the romance. It’s impossible not to have a smile on your face when you’re reading these books, and I just know I will be rereading them for years to come.


I don’t think I know anyone who hasn’t read these books. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but oh God how I adore these books. They’re just the perfect feel good romance, and they’re so, so sweet and cute. The majority of the books I read are fantasy, so it’s always great to have a cute contemporary read nearby, and these books are always at the top of my list. I love the characters, I love the diversity, I love the sister dynamics, and I love, love, love the romance. I haven’t read the third book yet, which came out earlier this month, because my copy still hasn’t arrived in the mail, but I can’t wait to read it!!


There are no words to describe how much I love these books. A Court of Thorns and Roses was my first Sarah J. Maas read, and while I really enjoyed it, I felt like the ending gave me closure for the most part, and I saw no need to pick up the sequel right away, even though it had already come out. But then, a month later, I was in Barnes & Noble, and it just looked so pretty, so I decided to pick it up. And so my obsession began. A Court of Thorns and Roses was a great book. But A Court of Mist and Fury was a masterpiece, one of my favorite books of all time. I still haven’t read A Court of Wings and Ruin yet, since it hasn’t arrived in the mail, and while I’ve heard from lots of people that it isn’t as good as ACOMAF, I’m still so excited to read it.

#3: THE RAVEN CYCLE by Maggie Stiefvater

It’s hard to explain what the Raven Cycle is about to someone who’s never read it before, because there is just so much you could say. A girl who can’t kiss anyone, because if she ever kisses her true love, he will die. A group of four high schoolers trying to awaken a dead Welsh king. Humor. Magic. Romance. I had one of the best experiences binging this series back in the fall, and I still can’t get these books out of my mind. They’re just that amazing, and if you haven’t read them yet, you need to get on that right away!

#2: SHATTER ME by Tahereh Mafi

I don’t care what anyone says: these are some of my favorite books ever, which is exactly why they’re at #2. I read these when I was just getting back into reading, and they really did change my life. Tahereh Mafi’s words made me cry, and I just loved everything about these books, from the writing, to the characters, to the romance. Juliette, the main character, has the best development of any protagonist I’ve ever read about, and the romance in this book is my favorite ever. Plus, Shatter Me fans have so much to look forward to, because a TV adaptation is in production with ABC, and the series is being extended to 3 more books in March!!

#1: HARRY POTTER by J.K. Rowling

Is it really a surprise that these books are number one, though? No book series will ever have as great of an impact on my life as Harry Potter did. I read them for the first time back in second grade, and then again in fifth, and I’m starting my third full reread of the series this summer. In my eyes, this series literally has no flaws. The character development, the world, the conflict, and the themes are all so wonderful, that you really can’t call them children’s books. They are timeless classics for all ages, and books that I will treasure forever.

So that’s it for my top 10 favorite series! How many of these books have you read? Did you enjoy them? Let me know your favorite series in the comments, because I’d love to hear them, and I’m always looking for new recommendations. I’ll see you next time!



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