my reading year: 2017

as the year comes to an end and a new one dawns upon us, i thought it was time to do a post that i hope will become an annual tradition: my reading year. all in all, 2017 was a really good reading year for me, and since this post will be longer than usual, let’s just go ahead and get started 🙂

i knew the second i completed my 2016 reading challenge that i wanted to aim higher for 2017. i only started reading again in june 2016, and i ended up reading 65 books, so i was sure i could read 100 in 2017. at first, i did a pretty good job of keeping up, and at one point, i was 7 books ahead of my goodreads challenge. however, as i began my junior year of high school, i found myself having less and less time to read. usually, i would finish all my homework and then read 100 pages before i went to bed, but this year, i wouldn’t finish my homework until very late and by that time, i was exhausted.

despite all of this, i managed to complete my reading goal of 100 books, which i am very proud of. although there were a few slumps, and months where i didn’t get as much reading done, i still had a good year. i read so many great books. i reread the complete harry potter series for the first time in 5 years, discovered new favorites, and finally got on board the cassandra clare hype train.

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 11.01.44 AM.png

my average rating for 2017 was 4.2, which is pretty amazing. i actually didn’t think it would be as high, since i became a lot harsher with my ratings this year. last year, i would give out 5 stars all the time, and a 1-2 stars book was unheard of. this year, though, i became less lenient, which just goes to show how amazing majority of the books i read this year were.


because of this, it was really hard for me to choose my favorite books. originally, i had 15, but i decided to narrow it down to 10. i’ve linked all my reviews, but some of them are marked for spoilers, so keep that in mind. now, in no particular order, i present to you my favorite books of 2017 🙂

warcross by marie lu

“it is hard to describe loss to someone who has never experienced it, impossible to explain all the ways it changes you. but for those who have, not a single word is needed.

lady midnight by cassandra clare

there was beauty in the idea of freedom, but it was an illusion. every human heart was chained by love.

it ends with us by colleen hoover

in the future, if by some miracle you ever find yourself in the position to fall in love again, fall in love with me.

the hating game by sally thorne

the trick is to find that one person who can give it back as good as they can take it.

the hate u give by angie thomas

sometimes you can do everything right and things will still go wrong. the key is to never stop doing right.

geekerella by ashley polston

look to the stars. aim. ignite.

crooked kingdom by leigh bardugo

fear is a phoenix. you can watch it burn a thousand times and still it will return.

cress by marissa meyer

maybe there isn’t such a thing as fate. maybe it’s just the opportunities we’re given, and what we do with them. i’m beginning to think that maybe great, epic romances don’t just happen. we have to make them ourselves.

clockwork princess by cassandra clare

life is a book and there are a thousand pages i have not yet read.

once and for all by sarah dessen

but you never know what you can do until you try, and if you’re lucky, what you love will always be waiting for you.


of course, not every book i read this year was good, so with that being said, here are my 9 least favorite books of 2017! keep in mind that these are my personal opinions, and i don’t mean to offend anyone with them. everyone is entitled to their own opinions when it comes to reading. once again, reviews are linked!

  • all the crooked saints by maggie stiefvater – i was really disappointed by this one, but i found it very boring and plot-less
  • the selection by kiera cass – i tried to reread this one to see if i would like it better this time around, but nope, still hated it
  • ishmael by daniel quinn – i had to read this for class, and it’s actually the worst book i’ve ever read in my life (oh and then my teacher told us we didn’t actually have to read it, she put it up there by mistake!)
  • the upside of unrequited by becky albertalli – this one really surprised me, and not in a good way, because i love simon vs. the homo sapiens agenda, which this author wrote, but this one….not so much
  • when dimple met rishi by sandhya menon – this was my most anticipated read of the year, and i can’t even begin to explain how disappointed i was. it was just so….BAD
  • the scorpio races by maggie stiefvater – it’s so weird that there are 2 maggie stiefvater books on this list when the raven cycle is one of my favorite series, but i just hated this one, it was so boring
  • the night circus by erin morgenstern – probably my least favorite book of the year, it was just so boring and slow
  • empire of storms by sarah j. maas – ah yes, the book that confirmed my hatred for aelin galathynius….i hated this book so much that i still haven’t picked up acowar (even tho i love the series) bc i’m so afraid she’ll ruin that one too


my reading goals weren’t too specific this year, which is definitely something i want to change for next year. i didn’t end up meeting all of them, but i did achieve most.

  1. read 100 books – completed!!
  2. read at least 6 classics – lmao i didn’t even read one
  3. read cassandra clare books – completed!!
  4. read at least one got novel – nope
  5. buy less, read more – i bought 104 books this year, and read 100 so….i think that’s completed
  6. finish harry potter reread – completed!!
  7. reread pjo and finish rick riordan’s other books – oops, not even one


2018 is going to be the busiest–and most stressful–year of my life. why? because i’ll be applying to college in the fall. and even though fall seems like so far away right now, i am going to be working so hard this year to keep my grades up and make sure i’m on the right track. reading will still be a part of my life, but i can’t set a goal as high as this year, because a) it’ll stress me out b) i won’t have time to finish it and c) i HATE not finishing things.

that being said, my reading goal for 2017 will be 40 books. right now, that feels so weird for me to think of, especially since i read 100 books this year, but i think i will thank myself for this in the future. if i do end up reading more books–that’s great. but if i only read 40, i won’t beat myself up.

i’ll be making a separate post with all of the 2017 challenges i want to try, but i want to read more diversely in 2018. that includes books w/ different sexualities, ethnicities, mental health issues, social justice issues, etc. basically, what i’m saying is i want more books like the hate u give. the reading world is getting better and better with diversity, but we can still do more.

so that’s it for my reading year! how was your reading year? how many books did you read? which was your favorite? least favorite! i’d love to hear all about it, so let me know in the comments. i hope you guys have an amazing new year! thanks for sticking with my blog, and i can’t wait for everything that’s to come in 2018!



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