rapid fire book tag!

hi, everyone!! today i am here with the rapid fire book tag! this tag was going around youtube and the blogging community a lot last year, but since i’m late to everything, here i am doing it today. so without further ado, let’s get started!

1. e-book or physical book?

physical book all the way. i’ve only ever read one e-book in my life, which sounds crazy, but it’s true (ignite me by tahereh mafi–i was desperate to read it and i couldn’t wait until my mom came home to take me to the bookstore). i refuse to get a kindle, despite my family telling me how convenient it is. for me, books are meant to be read physically. i love the feeling of having a book in your hands, and being able to flip the pages. it’s just so calming!

2. paperback or hardback?

hardback, ALWAYS. i’m such a snob when it comes to my books. i used to not care at all, and i would have mismatched series, different covers, ripped paperbacks….it didn’t matter to me. now i literally never buy paperbacks, unless there’s no hardcover available. i know. my wallet hates me, too.

3. online or in-store book shopping?

in-store all the way. i love going through the store and taking my time to look at all the sections. plus, i just love bookstores, so that’s an added perk. but i do live overseas, and most bookstores here either get books late or have the uk edition, which i hate, so i order online often.

4. trilogies or series?

series! i want to spend as much time with characters and their world as i can. i get way too attached. the more books there are, the better. but at the same time, i’m more likely to pick up a trilogy than a series, mainly because i’m lazy.

5. heroes or villains?

i love villains who become heroes. or anti-heroes. or…well, basically i love villains. they’re so much fun!

6. a book you want everyone to read?

i wish everyone in this world would read the hate u give by angie thomas. it’s so powerful and important, especially in today’s society, where police brutality and racial inequality are still extremely prevalent. the book really opens your eyes.

7. recommend an underrated book?

i really love the six rules of maybe by deb caletti. it’s literally so underrated, i’ve never heard anyone talk about it, but it’s one of my favorite books of all time. it’s so cozy and well-written and nostalgic, and whenever i read it, it makes me feel like home.

8. the last book you finished?

i finished liberty: the spy who (kind of) liked me by andrea portes last night, and you can find my review here!

9. the last book you bought?

i just placed an order for some books on amazon last night, and one of them was ready player one by ernest cline! i really want to read the book before the movie comes out. i can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get to it.

10. weirdest thing you’ve used as a bookmark?

i don’t have an interesting answer to this, because i just always use bookmarks. maybe a pen? i don’t know if that would be considered weird, though.

11. used books: yes or no?

tbh, no, just because i’m a huge book snob and i live for the aesthetic, so i need all my books to be very pretty and in pristine condition. i know, it’s annoying, but it’s a habit!

12. top three favorite genres?

fantasy, contemporary, and sci fi! in that particular order 🙂

13. borrow or buy?

well, i prefer buy, but unfortunately, i don’t have the money to buy all the books that i want. fortunately, my school library has an amazing collection. usually, if it’s a book i’m on the fence about, i’ll borrow it, just in case i end up disliking it.

14. characters or plot?

CHARACTERS. a book can virtually have no plot and i’ll still read it if i love the characters. okay, so maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but characters are very, very important to me. a book could have the greatest world building since harry potter, but if i didn’t like any of the characters, you can be sure i won’t be continuing with it.

15. long or short books?

short books. i prefer books that are 300-400 pages. long books are just so….unnecessary. usually. but if it’s my favorite book, or an anticipated book, i’m okay with it being long just because i want more, more, more.

16. long or short chapters?

i’m in the middle about this. i’m meh about chapters that are so short they’re only, like, two pages, but i really hate chapters that go on for 20+ pages. usually, because i’ll have my cut-off at the next chapter, but it’s impossible to do that when i have so many pages left. but i would say short.

17. name the first three books you think of?

the hunger games, fangirl, and the book thief. i don’t know why. i haven’t even read the book thief (oops).

18. books that make you laugh or cry?

fangirl and harry potter are both books that make me laugh and cry. but speaking of funny books, the book i finished yesterday, liberty, was hilarious. i think it’s the funniest book i’ve ever read. i laughed out loud multiple times, which doesn’t usually happen with me.

19. our world or fictional worlds?

fictional worlds all the way. i love escaping to a different world, which is why i love fantasy so much.

20. audiobooks: yes or no?

i don’t think i’ve listened to an audiobook in years. i know everyone loves them because they’re super convenient, but they’re not really my thing. it’s unsettling for me to see a book that’s 300-400 pages and see it listed as, like, 20 hours on youtube. i’m not sure if that’s accurate or not, but i’m a fast reader, and i just feel like audiobooks aren’t my thing. my mom loves them, though, and she used to always play them for us in the car as kids.

21. do you ever judge a book by its cover?

me? are you kidding? of course.

22. book to movie or book to tv adaptations?

i’m just going to say book to movie because i haven’t seen enough book to tv adaptations. although in my opinion, i rarely enjoy book to movie adaptations.

23. a movie or tv show you preferred to its book?

13 reasons why. yes i know it was controversial, but i loved it. i literally check everyday to see if season 2’s release date has been announced.

24. series or standalones?

series all the way!!

so that’s it for the rapid fire tag! i tag anyone who would like to do this, because it is super fun and, hence the name, very quick. thank you all for checking out this post, and i’ll see you next time!



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