MINI REVIEW: my oxford year by julia whelan

35820405My Oxford Year by Julia Whelan

Published by: William Morrow Paperbacks on April 24, 2018

Pages: 352

Genre: Contemporary

Amazon // Goodreads



I was really expecting more from this one, especially since it was one of my most anticipated reads. Unfortunately, it was my first major disappointment of the year. This book is marketed as a cute, summer rom com–it isn’t. The romance was pretty much skipped over, so we never really got to care much about the characters or their relationship.

Speaking of the characters, they felt very one-dimensional. They were both super cliche–closed off, hardworking girl who doesn’t have time for love. And rich fuckboy player who somehow changes this time around. I don’t know, it just felt like something I’ve seen a million times before. For me, even if the plot is the worst thing in the world, if I care about the characters, I can still get into the story. However, this time around, that wasn’t the case, because I really didn’t care about either Jamie or Ella.

I really wanted to like this book, but unfortunately, it fell flat for me.

Have you guys read My Oxford Year? If so, what were your thoughts of it?

(Also, this little mini-review is something I’m going to try out more often, because sometimes I just don’t have enough thoughts on a book for a full-fledged review.)

Until next time,



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