REVIEW: empire of storms by sarah j. maas

Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas

Published by: Bloomsbury on September 6th, 2016

Pages: 693

Genre: Fantasy

Format: Hardcover

Series: Throne of Glass Book 5

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5 Books That Disappointed Me in 2017

Hey, everyone! It’s Dana, and today I’m going to be doing a somewhat different post. I realized I’ve just been doing reviews lately, which is why today I’m going to be talking about 5 books that disappointed me in 2017. Granted, there were more than 5 books that disappointed me this year, but I managed to narrow it down to 5 for this post. So without further ado, let’s get started!

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representation in ya

When was the last time you saw a character that resembled you in a YA book? I’m not just talking about a character with a similar personality or interests. I’m talking about a character with similar physical traits. Chances are, if you’re white, it will be pretty easy to remember. That’s absolutely nothing against white people, just acknowledging a common fact: white people, as opposed to POC, are primarily represented in common media, whether that be books, movies, or TV shows.

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